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Innovative Lighting.
Seamless Connections.

We deliver cutting-edge lighting solutions and bespoke fit-outs, tailored to meet the unique needs of each commercial space.

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Minlec operates across the commercial sector, delivering a comprehensive array of certified electrical services.


Our expertise spans from the installation of sophisticated power and lighting systems to advanced data and communications setups. Our team of accredited professionals is dedicated to providing the precise electrical solutions your projects demand, ensuring excellence and reliability in every task.


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Energy Solutions & Lighting

At Minlec, we ensure that our lighting solutions deliver exceptional value from installation through to operation.


We offer a diverse range of advanced lighting services, including:


  • Design

  • Installation 

  • Commissioning

This also includes LED lighting upgrades, comprehensive energy audits, and the innovative upcycling of existing fixtures. These solutions are designed not only to elevate the functionality and aesthetics of your space but also to significantly reduce your energy costs


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Speak to us about your electrical & lighting requirements



Mindspace, London

This benchmark project began as a blank canvas and from which, we helped to create a fascinating work environment for our clients and their future tenants. The potted ceiling adds real character to the floorspace and looks great against our exposed containment across the 3 floors.

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