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Energy Solutions

Lighting: Energy-Efficient, Safe, and Sustainable Solutions

We are passionate about bringing your projects to life with perfectly fitted lighting fixtures. Whilst Leaving you with a stunningly lit space is our priority, we know energy saving and sustainability are an essential part of your future-proof project.


Utilising our experience and expertise, our team will help you identify and install lighting systems that are best suited to your projects needs today and for years to come. We can also help ensure your existing lighting is responsibly up-cycled for future use. See how we can help you light up your next project below.

Our Lighting Solutions

  • Upgrade lighting to LED in the commercial, education, healthcare, leisure and industrial sectors

  • Upgrade or implement lighting controls (30% energy usage reduction is the rule of thumb when implementing a controls system)

  • We work closely with lighting manufacturers to upcycle existing commercial lighting, and reduce the impact on landfill

  • Energy surveys to help identify ways to reduce your company's energy output

  • We work with Facilities Managers and teams to provide cost-saving energy solutions with typical ROIs of 6 months+

  • Replace old, high energy items with modern, low-energy alternatives (ie hand dryers)


Light up your next project, speak to us today

Commercial, education, healthcare,
leisure and industrial sectors

LED Lighting Upgrades

Reduce energy use by at least 30%

Upgrade or Implement
Lighting Controls

We work closely with manufactures to upcycle your existing lighting and reduce landfill


IE Surveys to help you identify ways to reduce your energy output

Energy Surveys

See how we have helped some of our previous clients;


Flower Show

At this prestigious event for the third time, Minlec were appointed to design and install lighting to a world-renowned exhibitor.


Surrey Based


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The lights in our client’s stairwells were previously lit using fluorescent lamps.

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